Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor

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О сервисе Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor

The Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor by Robert Schumann was written in 1851, and is his opus 110. It has four movements:Bewegt, doch nicht zu rasch in G minor, in 68 time. In sonata form. Ziemlich langsam in E-flat major, in 128 time and tempo 116 eighth notes to the minute. Rasch in C minor, in 24 time and 138 quarter notes to the minute. A scherzo with two trios, with a tempo marking of Etwas zurückhaltend bis zm langsameren Tempo leading into the first trio, in C major with an upward chromatic theme, and a second trio in A-flat major which is more markedly rhythmic and diatonic in character. Kräftig, mit Humor in G major, in common time and 104 quarter notes to the minute. There is a prominent episode in this rondo which quotes the C major trio from the scherzo.
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