Гимн Андорры (El Gran Carlemany)

Фортепиано, Voice

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О сервисе Гимн Андорры

"El Gran Carlemany" (Catalan pronunciation: , Western Catalan: ; "The Great Charlemagne") is the national anthem of the Principality of Andorra. Enric Marfany Bons composed the music, while the lyrics were authored by Juan Benlloch i Vivó, written in a first-person narrative. It was adopted as the national anthem on September 8, 1921, which is also the national day of Andorra. The lyrics make reference to several key aspects of Andorran culture and history, such as the heritage of the Carolingian Empire.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "El Gran Carlemany" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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