Палиашвили Захарий Петрович

Zachary Paliashvili


Zacharia Petres dze Paliashvili (Georgian: ზაქარია ფალიაშვილი, Zakaria Paliaşvili), also known as Zachary Petrovich Paliashvili (Russian: Захарий Петрович Палиашви́ли, Zacharij Petrovič Paliašvili), (1871–1933) was a Georgian composer. Regarded as one of the founders of the Georgian classical music, his work is known for its eclectic fusion of folk songs and stories with 19th century Romantic classical themes. He was the founder of the Georgian Philharmonic Society and later, the head of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi was named in his honor in 1937. Notably, Paliashvili's music serves as the basis of the National Anthem of Georgia.
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de:Sachari Paliaschwili, he:זכריה פליאשווילי, ka:ზაქარია ფალიაშვილი, ja:ザカリア・パリアシュヴィリ, ru:Палиашвили, Захарий Петрович, fi:Zakaria Paliašvili, sv:Zakaria Paliasjvili, uk:Захарій Паліашвілі